Factors that affect the duration of a foundation repair job

foundation repair duration

Foundation damages can occur due to various reasons such as foundation sinking, foundation upheaval and cracks. It may take either just one day to repair the foundation damages – if the damage is minor – or even as much as two weeks if the problem is more complex. This cannot be determined until the damage has been thoroughly inspected by a professional in the field.

There are several factors that affect the duration it takes to repair a foundation. One of them is the extent of damage done to the foundation. The greater the damage inflicted, the greater the time it would take to finish the repairs because there are more damages to fix.

The more sunken a foundation the more time required to correct it.

Another is the depth the foundation has sunk. The deeper the foundation has sunken the more extensive the damage is. This means that more piers will have to be installed. While the installation of more piers makes the repairs more costly, it also means that the time consumption for the installation is higher. So it’s always best to take immediate action the moment you notice minor problems with your foundation without ignoring it. Because with time the damages will only keep getting worse, resulting with you having to waste more time and money on the repairs than you would have had to if you had taken immediate action.

Also, complications that may occur with respect to the house’s plumbing is a factor that affects the time taken for the repair. The contractors will have to take into consideration the plumbing network before getting down to work since it might act as a barrier to the repairs and it might need alterations. Either they would have to find ways to work around the pipe system, or they would have to work on making changes to the plumbing system to make way.

Obstacles that may prolong a foundation repair job.

Surrounding plants and trees might act as an obstacle to the repairs as well. If there are large root systems running under the foundation, they might come in the way of the steel pier insertion. So the contractor will not be able to simply push it in as he would usually have done but, will also have to take care of the obstacle first. Hence the time taken to complete the repairs will be longer.

Weather conditions too have an impact on the time taken to repair the foundation. For example, if your contractor is working with concrete to fix the foundation, extreme temperatures, either high or low, will affect the strength of the concrete since the development of it will be influenced. And, in a more practical sense, harsh weather conditions will make it tough for the employees to work. So in such cases the repairs may have to be rescheduled.

The size of your home that requires a foundation repair is another factor the affects the time duration taken for the repair. If it’s a relatively small home, a few number of piers will suffice. But if your home is fairly large then a greater number of piers will be required and more care will have to be taken when going about with the repairs, which means the time duration will be higher.

How to obtain a better estimate of your foundation repair time frame?

While your home receives a foundation repair there will be many preparations for you to make; you may have to move to a temporary settlement until the repairs are done, you may have to make changes to your daily schedule, special appointments may have to be scheduled, etc. So not knowing how long you will have to stay away will make it hard for you to organize the things that will be facing changes due to the shift. Which is why getting an accurate estimate on how long it will take to repair your foundation is the best way to start off. It will help you plan things out without a hitch.

You can get an accurate estimate for your foundation repair time frame by asking the foundation repair firm you are working with for one. Their professionals will thoroughly inspect the situation and let you know whether it’s a simple one day repair or an extensive repair that may take up to two weeks or so. It will also be in your best interest to choose your contractor wisely. A contractor with more experience and a longer guarantee period is always more reliable.