Understanding foundation repair warranty better

Foundation repair warranty

So what is the purpose of foundation repair warranty, it’s really a guarantee on the work that is done. Because after you have had work done on your home and foundation repair work is a big structural procedure on your home, you definitely want a guarantee that this procedure was done correctly. And if it is not done correctly, the warranty is designed so that the company that works on it, has to come back and correct the issues.

Foundation repair warranty is a way to guarantee the work that a foundation repair company performs on your home or business structure. However there are limitations to the warranty and this is something that you certainly want to understand before selecting the company that you decide to work with. Foundation repair can be a huge project, in fact it is a huge project, it’s a structural project on your home, and it requires a lot of expertise, experience, and knowledge to ensure that the structure is correctly aligned.

Foundation repair warranty issues

A lot of times we get calls from homeowners dad had work done on their home by a company that did not do the work correctly and so after a couple of months, or a few years, the slant and or the foundation issue crops up again. When the homeowner calls the company, they come to find out that the company has gone out of business. This usually happens because the company that did the foundation work did not have the knowledge, experience, or expertise, to actually do the job. And so they had a lot of foundation repair warranty works that put them out of business.

It is never a good idea to go for the cheapest option, because think about it, this is your home, this is a structure that you are going to inhabit and shoddy work equals terrible results, not a good idea. The foundation of your home, is similar to the health of your body, when something starts to happen, we want to diagnose the issue, understand why the foundation is shifting, and then correct that issue immediately and expertly. You want an expert to work on your foundation because this minimizes the issues that can cause foundation repair warranty work.

We guarantee our work with our Warranty.

When we work with a homeowner or a business, we go through a free evaluative process in order to assess the foundation repair issue and make recommendations to the decision maker as to what the project will need. All of our work is covered by a lifetime transferable foundation repair warranty. We are experts in foundation repair, we have the knowledge, and the expertise, to do the type of work that ensures that your structure is standing straight, upright all the time.

A home, or a business is one of the most biggest investments that you or I will make, when issues such as foundation repair start to crop up, you want an expert who can help you understand the problem, recommend solutions, and correct the issue expertly. We have less than a 2% foundation repair warranty rate. And that is because we focus on the work in a scientific manner to ensure that your home and the structure is sound and is done correctly the first time.

We are available to you for any questions you might have in the future about your foundation. A TextPro foundation repair warranty is a warranty you can trust with your home. You can bet your bottom dollar on us. We know our stuff 🙂