Reviewing Foundation Tunneling and Leaks

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Foundation leaks are a terrible problem to have and can affect your home’s foundation in a way that is negative and can cause structural issues to your home. Generally a foundation leak is due to water that is supposed to flow to sewers coming out elsewhere due to pipe erosion or a burst, nearby collecting underneath your home, or your business building. Generally in this case, it requires tunneling to assess the issue and correcting it.

Tunneling is specifically useful when we are dealing with business, unlike a home a business needs to still remain accessible, and through tunneling a plumber can get to the root of the problem without digging up the hole exterior of the place which may make the business inaccessible. Now in a home when we are doing foundation repair generally it is the other case around, however they are cases where tunneling is involved also

The Purpose of a Foundation Tunnel.

The purpose of a foundation tunnel is in that it allows us to tunnel directly to the foundation, without any disturbance to the immediate grounds that the structure stands on. It’s a complex process that involves a lot of logistical planning however it’s also a common occurrence due to the fact that it’s a generally needed procedure.  

Specifically when we are talking about a foundation repair on a business or on a commercial building, we don’t want to disturb the flow of business, or have to cause the business to shut down, which would be the case if we were performing the foundation repair on the immediate grounds, however by tunneling into the foundation, it saves money because your business is still running, and also the necessary procedure on the foundation is being taken care of.

Foundation Tunneling is performing non invasive surgery.

When dealing with foundation repair, we are dealing with the actual structure of a building, in fact we are dealing with the structure on which the building stands. and developing ways To perform the necessary procedure becomes very important when dealing with different types of buildings, different types of cases and the different types of scenarios. Through Foundation tunneling we are able to address the problem from outside.

Furthermore foundation tunneling allows us to minimize the large amounts of debris, slab, and or concrete that we would have to disturb in order to access the foundation of the building.  this generally creates a relatively large area that is inaccessible to patrons, in addition the cost to put back the concrete slab and the other facet of the grounds that has been disturbed goes away.  The cost savings comes in the form of us not needing to break up the grounds, which creates a mess, that is factored into your clean up cost, not to mention, the disturbance to business.

How we assess your need for foundation tunneling.

Before any work starts, we go through an evaluative process and at this stage we’ll ask you some questions and especially if you have a business you are going to see why this may be the option for you to consider. Because we can get into your property and repair the issues with the pipes, put in new pilings from inside the tunnel, and solve your problem in a simple and easy way. Without the unsightliness of debris that would result if we went about it the other way, your business continues to run undisturbed while the foundation issue is being corrected.

Now, that’s killing two birds with one stone although we don’t like to kill birds 🙂