The structural engineer report and your foundation repair

structural engineer report

The structural engineer report is a crucial document in ensuring that specifications as to the appropriate method to correct problem are employed. The foundation of your home, business or other structure is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a building which houses your operations, family, or other vitally important consideration.

And when issues begin to appear such as cracked walls, or other foundational issues, it becomes important, and vitally so, to develop a plan to correct and mitigate those issues. When the situation arises whereby foundation problems have been identified, and their needs correcting, the structural engineer report provides an unbiased and straightforward documentation of the foundation damage that you can then use to engage multiple foundation repair contractors.

Because you have a document that scopes out the required work and from there you can then get bids, and choose the one that best suits your particular needs.

The impartial foundation repair evaluation.

The particular benefit with obtaining a structural engineer report is that it provides an impartial evaluation of the particular foundation damage, and the best method to correct the problems. This stands outside of the foundation repair contractors which you would be using to correct the problem.

By obtaining a structural engineer’s report, you now have the ability to engage with multiple foundation repair companies, and ask them the cost of the repair. And differing companies will have different costs, however with your documentation you can go for the one that provides the best quality, or perhaps you’re looking for the most economically competitive.

In any case, the engineer’s report puts the power in your hands, because you can then make a decision on who can do the work for you and you already have the blueprint of what is required. So issues of trust and dishonesty are mitigated because you are simply those who can repair the issues documented, and at what quality or at what cost.

The structural engineer’s report is a crucial documentation.

Imagine if you had something wrong with your car however you did not know what it was. You take your car to a car mechanic and one mechanic says its this, and you take your car to another mechanic and that mechanic says it’s something else. Now imagine if you listen to the first mechanic, and then you find out that it is actually something else.

The purpose of a structural engineers report, is to provide a third-party, impartial, evaluation of the problem. The engineer will pinpoint, document, and draw up diagrams, that accurately defines the issue. Therefore you yourself as the homeowner, or the owner of the structure, can have the information you need in order to make an informed decision. In this case you can then decide who is going to work on your home and knowing beforehand that you already know the issue, you have the guidelines necessary for correcting the foundation issues documented, this not only ensures that the work is done properly, it also ensures that you get the most value for what you pay.

We work with 3rd-Party certified structural engineers.

As a foundation repair company who has earned the trust of inhabitants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and surrounding communities, we work on issues big and small and our aim is in providing Superior Service to our customers. To that end, we work with certified Structural Engineers on issues that necessitates the need for clear documentation of the foundational issues.

We work with licensed Professional Engineers in Texas who develop drawings of the foundation and various conditions, formulate the guidelines for repair, and can provide a comprehensive engineer’s report the same day. Texpro Foundation Repair is a company dedicated to superior service, and our growth had been from the word of mouth praise that our customers do. Work with us and experience the best in service from top to bottom.