Why You Should Never Wait for Foundation Repairs

No matter where you live, holding off on foundation repairs is not the greatest idea. Yes, they may be expensive, but by pushing it to the side, you are risking paying even more when you finally decide to make the necessary repairs. Leaving your foundation problems unresolved can put you, your family, and home at risk for greater harm, something that nobody wants.

How do foundation problems start?

Usually, foundation problems start with the soil. If the soil that your home was built it did not get compacted properly, the soil can become loose over time and begin shifting around. This can cause voids to form beneath your foundation, leaving it without the proper support. Moisture levels can also cause changes in the soil, which can lead to foundation problems. If too much moisture is removed from the soil, it can also create voids that will allow your foundation to begin sinking and cracking. Similarly, too much moisture can cause the soil to expand, which will cause your foundation to begin bowing as it is pushed up.

With pier-and-beam foundations, another problem that can cause it to begin failing is wood rot. Heavy rains can seep into crawlspaces, causing mold and rot to begin to form on piers-and-beams, which will make the weaker and more susceptible to other forms of damage.

Knowing When you Need Foundation Repairs

Identifying a need for foundation repairs is fairly easy. The biggest sign that you will see are cracks forming on your floors due to the sinking and bowing of the foundation. In more severe foundation problems, these cracks may spread to the walls as well. Other signs include problems with flooding and water, doors and windows not functioning properly, and gaps forming between molding.

How long can you wait for foundation repairs?

Waiting to make foundation repairs is not a wise decision. By waiting, you are leaving your home and family vulnerable, as your home’s stability will be compromised. You will also end up with even bigger problems as your home’s failing foundation begins to affect other parts of your home. While foundation repairs are expensive to begin with, waiting can cause the prices to skyrocket, because more work will need to be done in order to properly fix the problem.

Dealing with Foundation Repair Costs

Ideally, you should call a foundation repair company the moment you suspect there is a problem with your foundation. They will be able to come out to your home and inspect it and provide you with an estimate on how much the work will cost. You can discuss with them your payment options, and find a way to not only fix your foundation but make the repairs easier on your wallet.

Foundation repairs are not something to ignore, even if you are afraid of the cost. Fixing it sooner rather than later will give you the peace of mind that your home is safe and stable, and that your new foundation will last for years to come.