Foundation Repair and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Foundation Repair and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Foundation repair and homeowners insurance,  this is an important question because if your homeowners insurance can cover the foundation problems than it puts you in a better position. 

Now most homeowners insurance will cover any damage to the house except those things that are explicitly excluded however it becomes a little bit subtle here and this is where you really want to consult your policy and perhaps even call your insurance company to have them show you exactly what the policy states so that you yourself are absolutely sure about what your homeowners insurance policy accepts or rejects.

Homeowners insurance acceptance & rejections category

The scenario in which your homeowners insurance coverage will either cover or not cover a foundation repair problem comes down to what the policy either accepts or if rejects. Now this is a categorization of causes meaning that if a certain event causes the foundation repair then it may be covered however if the foundation issue is not caused by one of the events that the insurance policy accepts, then the problem will not be covered by the insurance policy.

So for instance usually a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover things like lightning and or fire, vandalism, water damage from plumbing, AC overflow, or heating, things like that. Now imagine a plumbing issue that causes foundation sinking. Because of the cause, it will be covered because the cause of the foundation issue came from an acceptable policy coverage. If that makes sense to you, then you are okay and can access your policy on your own in order to understand your particular situation. However if that explanation did not make sense to you, then perhaps it is best for you to reach out to your homeowners insurance company and chat with them about specifically elaborating on the policy.

Foundation repair and homeowners insurance coverage complexity

Foundation repair and homeowners insurance coverage can be a pretty big area because of the numerous factors that come into play in terms of what the insurance coverage covers what it doesn’t cover, what it accepts and what it doesn’t accept. When moving forward with filing a claim for a damaged home foundation you want to take some preliminary steps.

The important step you want to take is really engaging with a professional who has determined that there is something wrong with the foundation and that the issue is caused by an acceptable homeowners insurance policy. and then you can proceed to file a claim, as you would for any other insurance claim.

Claims adjusters assessment of damage

After engaging with the professional and you’ve received an assessment, and after you’ve engaged with your homeowners insurance company, they will then usually send out an adjuster. Now this is a claims adjuster and the goal of the claims adjuster is to review and provide an assessment of the damage for the insurance company. Importantly, this is where the assessment of your professional / contractor will be important because then it is a matter of a compare and contrast between the claims adjusters assessment and your contractors assessments.