We offer free foundation estimates! Here is why

Free Estimates

We offer free Foundation estimates to homeowners and also sellers who may be looking to sell their home to a buyer. And this is an area that remains pretty straightforward. We offer the free estimates in order to help homeowners better understand and assess the extent of the foundational issues that they might be experiencing.

From our evaluation they can then decide on moving forward. Now the decision to offer free Foundation estimates, stems from an industry standard practice, but also the fact that as a homeowner it’s really difficult to make a decision unless you know what’s going on. Most of the time homeowners call us when they notice cracks, or issues with their windows not closing properly or their doors slanting in one way or another.

Usually when homeowners call us the damage has reached a point whereby that they are visibly able to see it. And we then provide in our evaluation of the problem, which entails a full spectrum review of the nature of the foundational damage, and also the steps necessary to correct it, and secure the foundation of the home. While the services that we offer, specifically the free Foundation estimates to homeowners, is free sometimes there are confusions so let’s clarify them.

Do you offer free foundation estimates to Buyers?

This is a very good question that we get from time to time. Usually this question arises when a buyer and a seller are in the process of a transaction. Consequently, the buyer may decide that they really want to get an expert professional opinion on the foundation of the home before buying and so they call us to evaluate the structure. In this instance we generally recommend that the buyer communicates with the seller to contact us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements and here’s why.

When we send out our experts to review the foundational structure of the home, the decision and the decision maker is going to be with the seller. The decision belongs to the seller because they are the ones who currently own the home, we are only able to offer the free assessment to the decision maker who will be correcting the issue. And this is why we generally inform the buyer to communicate with the seller to contact us so that we can provide the free foundation evaluation.

What does a free foundation evaluation assessment consist of?

The foundation of a structure is the linchpin of that structure. And the report that we create is a comprehensive assessment with diagrams and corrective measures that’s acts as the blueprint, or the plan on which the work proceeds on. Consequently this evaluation is important before, but also, after the foundation job is complete.

Think about it like this, the assessment of the foundation is crucial also in the warranty specification, because when a job is complete we offer transferable warranty and so when it’s time for you to sell your house, the whole report, consisting of the foundation evaluation, is part of the warranty paperwork that is passed on to the new owner of the house or structure.

How long does a free foundation assessment take to complete?

Because of the task of evaluating a foundation, the process might take an hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours, the work is crucially important in the overall process. And a lot of effort goes into the evaluation of the structure, not to mention the expert that has to document, diagram, and report on the issues. Consequently in providing a comprehensive report on which the homeowner can make a decision, the factors that go into the time frame required for foundation evaluation, really comes down to the extent of the problems inherent.

For instance, when a homeowner calls us having noticed cracks in the wall, or doors that just don’t quite shut right, there are extenuating circumstances, or rather deeper problems. The whole purpose of the foundation assessment is to get to the bottom of the problem, understand it, and develop and document the corrective measures to get the home back on the right foot, so to speak. Give us a call today.